5 days and 4 night Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Special Region Of Yogyakarta) is the old capital city on Indonesian Republic during Dutch Colonial. Before Indonesian declare independence Yogyakara or often people called Jogya or Yogya is a Kingdom. After Indonesia has the independence Jogya become special region. then the mother city move to Jakarta. Yogya karta is one of province located in the south of Java face Hindian ocean and Semarang or Middle jave is the border. Yogya giving you most heritage site to visit.

Tour Program

Day 1 Meet and greet at Yogyakarta international airport

  • Transfer to your hotel
  • free and Easy

Day 2 Exploring the City of Yogya

After your long flight we take you on free and easy program on the first day the explore the city it self. Lunch at local cuisine like called Gudeg ( Jack fruit vegetable cooked in curie )  or Gado-Gado, mixed of typical rise and vegetable with peanut sauce. Riding on 4 wheel Horse chart called Delman and visiting the twin banyan trees in the midlle of Alun-alun Yogya.

Day 3 Mount Merapi, Museum of merapi and Prambanan Temple


Situated at Sleman District 30km north of city centre, Mount Merapi is an active volcano that last erupted in 2014. tour start at early time at 03;30 Am weather temperature will be around 15  degrees with 4WD to the base camp and overlook the Merapi, afterward we going to visit lost village by the steam of Merapi in 2014, now is became museum. here you can with and imagine your mine how hheat the steam from the mountain. Last stop we will visiting Hindu temple named Prambanan. Prambanan was built in 9th century. a great temple complex.

Day 4 Burobudur temple, Pinus pengger and Bukit Rhema


Visiting one of the 7th Wonder named Burobudur. As Borobudur is a grand historical artifact and also the top tourist attraction in Yogyakarta, there are high-security measures along the way leading up to the actual Borobudur site.  there are high-security measures along the way leading up to the actual Borobudur site. Selfie place in Chrismas tree {pinus} jungle and Chicken Church

Day 5 Jombang cave, Pindul cave and Tubing activity at Oyo River

First stop, Jomblang Cave. as visitors we are only allowed to enter before and until10 am. The number of visitors is limited to keep damage to this natural gem at a minimum. Jomblang Cave is a different world altogether both metaphorically and literally. Afterwards we going to visit Pindul cave and Last stop you’ll be relaxing on Oyo rive for tubing to wipe your sweat


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